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A Dangerous Debut


A Dangerous Debut

By Wendy May Andrews

Edition: Kindle, 2018

Synopsis: Daisy meets Lord Seaton quite by accident while standing outside a closed employment office. The handsome viscount proposes they might be able to help each other out. He offers to hire her to accompany him to visit his parents while posing as a potential love interest. 

Being a proper lady, if only a “Miss”, Daisy objects to such an inappropriate proposition. Once the viscount is able to convince her that he will observe all proprieties, she reluctantly agrees while secretly looking forward to experiencing the aristocratic life, if even just for a week. 

When a shady character from her past shows up looking for her, Jasper’s protective instincts kick in. But will it interfere with his own reasons for the ruse? Jasper’s feelings for Daisy get even more muddled when she is abducted. 

Their masquerade could lead to true love if her past doesn’t destroy them first. 

In need of a position, Daisy Pembroke allows herself to accept Lord Seaton’s proposal that she pretend to be the woman he is interested in. The more time Jasper, Lord Seaton, spends with the cheerful young lady, the more he looses his heart to her. When shadows threaten them, can these two overcome it and find happiness together?

These two were an absolute delight. Daisy could be relied on to find pleasure and delight in anything that transpired. Jasper’s reasoning to the pretense was logical, and heartbreaking. It was lovely following them as they learn more about each other.

The plot of the story was straightforward and the writing style enjoyable. Daisy’s participation at the climax of the story seemed out of place, but that is a minor complaint. I also would have liked to see her interact with her family, but again there is only so much a single novel can contain.

I would recommend this to fans of the Regency era, who like a dash of mystery and adventure with their romance.


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