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An Author’s Random Musing


Well, I am a week late in making this announcement here, but as you can see by the giant yellow badge above this sentence…I DID IT! After several weeks of time off, I managed to survive another year of NaNoWriMo.

This year, I was an absolute rebel. Instead of beginning a new novel, I decided to work on two projects that I’d already started so that I could finish them. But….then I went and began a new novel and wrote 50K words between the three of them. When I rebel, I go all out.

All three of the projects are set in my favorite time period, the Regency Era, so it was easy to bounce between them. My main characters for each one is very different from the others. Juliet, Rosalind, and Lucas have very different stories to tell and I’m having fun with all three.

In the coming months, I want to get two of those projects completed for good and begin editing. I also have a number of hobby projects, some fanfiction stories, that have been in limbo for far to long and I would like to get them written before next summer.

So, I have set myself to several writing tasks and the New Year is looking to be one of creativity!




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