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Susanna and the Spy


Susanna and the Spy

by Anna Elliott

Edition: ebook, 2012

Synopsis: What if the man you loved was a smuggler–or a spy?

Jobless and nearly destitute, Susanna Ward intends only to find work as a governess. She certainly has no intention of contacting her family, who cast off her father and scorned her mother years ago. But a chance encounter with a figure from her past suggests that her estranged grandfather was murdered, and that his death was connected to a local ring of smugglers, led by a mysterious figure who calls himself Captain Clark.

When Captain Clark himself appears at her door, wounded and in need of her help, Susanna must decide where her true loyalties lie. And she must also discover the truth of her grandfather’s death. Otherwise the man she is rapidly falling in love with may be hanged for treason and murder.

This is a book I read many years ago and I love to return to. Susanna is a plucky, feisty heroine. Her initial decision was impulsive but good-hearted. Her desire to learn the truth of her past makes her journey have weight.

The writing is straightforward. It’s a bit easy to point out the villain and the identity of Captain Clark. Still, as an entertaining sweet romance, it does its work very well. It is a definite favorite of mine.

I would recommend this to any readers who enjoy a dash of mystery with their romance.


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